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Yesterday we fired off the following letter to the Financial Times following a leading article calling for new ways of limiting immigration. Unfortunately, it wasn’t printed today but we thought we would share it with you:


Your leader yesterday (January 12) noted the positive effects immigration had on the UK but then went on to demand more exacting language requirements and greater restrictions on arranged marriages.

These prescriptions are entirely wrongheaded. They fail to recognise that under the Points-Based System tier 1 and 2 workers  are already required to  pass  rigorous pre entry English tests, with very few exceptions.

Among those exceptions are high net worth migrants who make very significant financial investment in the UK. We assume readers of the FT would welcome this, especially in today’s economic climate.

There is no evidence that arranged marriages prevent or ‘delay integration’, ‘foster ghettos’, and ‘multiply language gaps.’ The link between these is at best tenuous.  At the same time, international law recognises the right to marry and to enjoy private and family life.  Interference with these rights on arbitrary grounds is certainly not legal. 

Hina Majid

Legal policy director Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

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Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants is a key campaigning voice in the field of immigration, asylum and nationality law and policy. It is completely independent from government funding, remaining entirely free from government influence. View all posts by jcwi

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