Time for Heroes

Justice for All are imploring you to become a superhero. As enthusiastic supporters of J4A we’d like you to take up this request and run with it to your MP or local Councillors. Whilst not initially appearing as the habits of Spiderman, Wolverine or Iceman (this is not written by a geek – I got two of them from Google), the petitions, debates, lobbies and stalls they’d like you to do might – just might – save the justice system as we know it.

A day of action hero action on Friday 3 June is the next step in the campaign to preserve legal aid, about which we have posted before. It’s time to hammer home the message to all our representatives that the proposed change in legal aid will be the start of a two tier legal system where some can afford justice and it lies beyond the reach of others.

Justice for All are a formidable alliance of charities, campaigning groups, individuals, MPs and others, we blogged before about their launch event. They are asking everyone who sympathises with their cause to become a action hero for a day (don’t worry you won’t have to get changed into a cape in a phone box) by doing one or more of the following:

  • Run a local petition
  • Lobby your MP
  • Hold a silent march or rally
  • Set up a stall in your High Street
  • Organise a debate
  • Pass a motion through your local council
  • Hold an open day at your legal advice centre
  • Spread the Word

Mostly pretty straightforward things to organise, but on a mass scale in neighbourhoods, towns and cities across the country, this will have a big impact.

We hope you will take up this challenge. After all, what have you got to lose? Well, there’s equality, justice, a voice, an opportunity of a fair hearing, a justice system which caters for all… But apart from that, what have you got to lose?

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