Settlement proposals published today

Theresa May today issued UKBA’s consultation paper on employment-related settlement, together with proposed changes to tier 5 and the overseas domestic worker route.

We’ve done a very quick summary for you below though for the detail please read the paper.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 workers

  • categorisation of all work routes as temporary or permanent
  • defining tier 2 as a temporary route with no avenue to settlement or a more limited version of this e.g. removal of a direct path to settlement for Tier 2 (General) and exemptions for  tier 2 ministers of religion, sportspeople, those earning in excess of £150k
  • creation of a new category which would after 3 years permit ‘the most exceptional’ tier 2 migrants to switch into and subsequently go on to apply for settlement
  • more demanding criteria for switching from a tier 2 category, together with a possible cap on numbers
  • permitting tier 2 migrants who do not switch into a settlement route to stay for a maximum of 5 years –  the expectation is that they and their families leave at the end
  • capping the maximum period of  tier 1 temporary leave at 5 years, and restricting the number of exceptional talent migrants granted settlement
  • application of the above changes to those entering the PBS system from April 2011
  • introduction of an English language requirement for adult dependants of tier 2 migrants

Overseas Domestic Workers in private households

  • abolishing the route altogether or restriction to a 6 month period of leave as a visitor only or 12 months where accompanying a tier 1 or tier 2 migrant with no possibility of extension. no right to change employer, no ability to sponsor dependants or alternatively no rights to work in the UK, and no right to settlement
  • if the route remains strngthening pre-entry requirements
  • termination of settlement grants to domestic workers in diplomatic households, restricting leave to 12 months, and removal of the ability to sponsor dependants or their right to work in the UK.

Tier 5 temporary workers

  • restricting the maximum period of leave in tier 5 (temporary workers) to 12 months
  • removal of the ability of tier 5 (temporary workers) to sponsor dependants/and or removal of the right of dependants to work
  • raising the minium skill level in the  government authorised echange sub-category to graduate level

We will be analysing the proposals in more detail and commenting on this blog in due course, but thought we’d let you know so that you can get cracking on responding.

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