No to the Pre-Departure Prison – whatever you want to call it

In a use of language that would fit snugly into Orwell’s 1984, the end of child detention is being bolstered by the opening of a family prison. But there’s no need to be concerned, for this is no ordinary family prison, there are two significant differences:

  1. It’s called a pre-departure accommodation centre 
  2. Play facilities will be run by Barnardo’s

See? Don’t know what you’re getting all worked up about. Nick Clegg’s promise to End Child Detention will remain intact, as long as you can just re-label things in tune with the Government. And a cuddly charity will be providing toys and activities. And to quash any final concerns you may have, the whole prison, I mean accommodation centre, sorry, will be run by G4S. You know, the outfit that supplied the people to remove Jimmy Mubenga, who died whilst being ‘restrained’ in that humane way The Guardian reports on today.


Luckily there’s a group of people not gifted with the mental elasticity that UKBA would wish upon us all. Croydon No Borders are calling a protest, supported by End Child Detention Now, and we’d heartily encourage your participation.

Meet at 1pm on Saturday at Muster Green Park, Haywards Heath. Bring banners, noise and your own placards.

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