Help us help those who need us

In 1997, to mark our 30th birthday, we last launched an appeal for financial assistance. We try not to make a habit of it, but fourteen years later we find ourselves in a situation where we have to ask again.

We are proud to have never sought funds from the government and will not start to do this – our independence is not for sale – but the knock on effect of the spending cutbacks is taking its toll on us. As other groups doing valuable work in this sector get state funding cuts, the pressure on grant giving bodies is so much greater, and we are feeling the squeeze.

We are heartened by the support we are already seeing, from eminent lawyers and politicians, encouraging people to help us out.

Ian MacDonald said “I have known and been in touch with the work of JCWI since its founding days, when it was one of the few non government bodies providing good and effective representation to Appellants in the newly formed immigration appellate tribunals.This good work has continued throughout the years and JCWI remains an organisation of high repute. I fully endorse their need to maintain enough funding to continue and would urge people to give generously to them.”

Michael Fordham QC added “JCWI stands as a beacon in an area of law which, in this brutal age, threatens to become our own “legal black hole”. It needs and deserves our support. For JCWI can always be our conscience and our guide. But only if we give more than a little whistle.”

Moreover, the endorsements we have had from former clients speak volumes for the work of JCWI.

JCWI has a small membership, practitioners in immigration law,activists and community organisations, but we have a reach and an influence far wider than those who have made the decision to join us. We hope that all who read this blog and all that appreciate the work of JCWI will find it possible to give us a few quid or more.

So, we appeal to your good nature, your generosity and your cheque books. Do what you can to help us and we promise to keep fighting, refusing to compromise and striving for a better deal for immigrants in the UK.

We can send you a bunch of leaflets which have a donation form on them, you can download a copy from our main website, or you can simply send a cheque, payable to JCWI to 115 Old Street, London EC1V 9RT. To make a credit card payment, please call 020 7251 8708 during office hours.

About jcwi

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants is a key campaigning voice in the field of immigration, asylum and nationality law and policy. It is completely independent from government funding, remaining entirely free from government influence. View all posts by jcwi

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