“Better Family Migration” – but for whom exactly?

a seminar organised in conjunction with

JCWI’s Annual General Meeting

Immigration Minister, Damian Green says that the Coalition wants to see “better family migration” to the UK but what exactly does the Coalition mean by this? And what are the implications for migrants, their families, and their enjoyment of human rights more generally? This seminar seeks to explore this in the light of the Government’s proposals to reform the immigration scheme for family based migration and settlement.


Dr Helena Wray, Senior lecturer in law, Middlesex University and author of Regulating Marriage Migration into the UK (Ashgate).

Sonali Naik, Barrister, Garden Court Chambers. Sonali has extensive experience in human rights law and family reunion appeals/cases.

Richard Drabble QC, Landmark Chambers, QC in Quila case

Chair: Eric Fripp, Barrister, Mitre House Chambers and Chair of JCWI

This seminar is free to attend. It will be followed by a reception and will be preceded by Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants’ Annual General Meeting. Anyone who wishes to find out about our work or indeed participate in it is welcome to attend.


Attendees will be eligible for 1.5 CPD hrs point

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4 responses to ““Better Family Migration” – but for whom exactly?

  • Sam Fontana-Wright

    Would there be any way possible to record or even stream this event so people that cant make it could still benefit from it? Thanks!!

  • momofsavesam

    good Idea Son, as many of us that are affected can not make it to London for a meeting, so it would be wonderfull if it were televised.

  • Sheila Macdonald

    I can’t get to London either for this interesting meeting.

    Is there any news yet re the judicial review July 2011 re the pre-entry language visa requirements for proposed spouses and others?

  • jcwi

    Thanks, no worries we should be putting up videos of the different speakers so you can catch up, and jot down any subsequent thoughts soon.

    NO further news on the Chapti case, we’ll keep you updated- it’s something that we’ve intervened on.

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