Tram Racist: Like Theresa May on Special Brew

Two thoroughly depressing videos are racking up an incredible number of hits on the internet at the moment. Foul mouthed racists on public transport abusing fellow passengers with opinions so abhorrent even the Daily Mail has seen fit to condemn the abusers.

Recent Government moves to exclude immigrants who can’t speak English from coming to the UK have seemingly seeped to the lowest levels of society with these ineloquent demands for people to only speak English in public (for which see in particular the second video below)

What the Home Secretary – and others like her – need to consider is that when they pass objectionable legislation which reflects the idea that it’s okay to exclude and penalise others because, for example they don’t, or can’t speak english, that thinking  is going to get an echo in other parts of society. The Mail itself needs to take a look at it’s own role in this saga. Their nasty hatchet job, penned by Amanda Platell, on Rashida Chapti the focus of a test case on the English language pre-entry requirement could only have encouraged the filthy outbursts of these two women.

Makes you think, if Platell’s and May’s lives had progressed without their well paid jobs and university education, Youtube might be streaming a healthy dose of “there but for the Grace of God…” for these two influencers of public opinion.

For those who’ve had the fortune to miss the videos thus far, let us ruin your day right now.

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7 responses to “Tram Racist: Like Theresa May on Special Brew

  • Margaret

    Never heard anything LIKE these, they beggar belief. The one woman who consistently said BITCH seemed to be talking to men and I didn’t count but the FUCKS were very numerous! The black woman also made no sense at all. I was disturbed that fellow passengers made no attempt to quieten them verbally.

    All MOST disturbing.

    I take it they are for real?

  • Antony

    This poor lady is being propelled into the media and used as a political tool. What viewers don`t realise is that she was mentally unstable at the time having just experienced significant trauma in her life and had found refuge in alcohol while suffering from paranoid thoughts. She is not a racist person and has black friends. She is normally a responsible and loving mother who is now terrified because her family has received multiple death threats. We need to show some understanding here.

  • jcwi

    She is a racist person. It is quite an impressive feat to watch the video and conclude that she is not – whatever her problems and potential illness may be, the fact is that anyone saying such things is racist.

    What does some one have to do to qualify as racist if this woman has fallen short of the mark?

    Having black friends does not mean that someone cannot be racist.

  • geoffsky

    Having been around – and experienced – mental ill health, I can see how it IS possible that this woman was in an irrational self-destruct mode, as abhorrent as her outbursts were. I have seen something uncomfortably like this happen to someone whom I was intimately close to. Additionally, as reprehensible as I find her behaviour, I cannot see the merit in threatening her family; I have (estranged!) family who speak in this way; I hope that I do not qualify for threats as being racist-by-association!

    If she IS ill, then I hope that she gets the support and care that she needs, for everyone concerned.

    I “love” the way that The Daily Mail incessantly pumps up this poison – and not with subtlety – and then refutes these ugly outcomes to prove it’s own “respectability”. Government figures do much the same, with breathtaking charlatanism.

    The brighter note for me is that the bigotry exhibited got no support, and all of the reactions that I observed were strongly opposed to these disturbing outbursts.

    I hope that none of this reads like I believe that we should be “soft” on racism and xenophobia, because I do not.

    My warmest wishes to you all,

    (Refugee support worker, Nottingham)

  • jcwi

    It should go without saying that threats to the woman herself or her family will neither improve the situation or can be condoned in any way.

    The lack of support for her comments was good to see, but in another way there was a different parallel with Theresa May being shown. Whereas the Home Secretary speaks a similar, but certainly less offensively-framed, language in Parliament, the reaction by those around her was remarkably similar – one or two condemnations and a bit of opposition, but the majority staying silent. Reminded me of the back benches on all sides of Parliament when immigration is being debated…

  • geoffsky

    True indeed! But, whilst we can perhaps understand, even if we do not necessarily condone the silence of our commuters when faced with aggressive ranting, what excuses for “our” muted parliamentarians, which to me is far, far more chilling?

    Thank you once again.
    Best wishes!

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