370,000 migrants on the dole. Really?

For those of you who’ve awoken to today’s misleading article by the Telegraph entitled ‘370,000 migrants on the dole‘, and the equally bad piece by by Chris Grayling, we thought we’d get out a quick post to try to clear up some of the poor reporting around this issue.

1. The DWP report counts British citizens amongst the 370,000 figure. As such the real figure for numbers claiming benefits is likely to be far LOWER (p.3 of the report). Indeed if you read on in the report the suggestion is that the figure could be cut by over a half  (p.11) thus giving a more accurate actual figure of 199,800 i.e. out of the 5.5 million people claiming benefits that would work out at around 3.2% of total claimants.

2.  The percentage of what is classified as ‘non nationals’ for benefit purposes shows that  migrants actually proportionally claim far  LESS in the way of benefits than UK nationals. The rate for so called UK nationals is 16.6% and for foreign nationals it’s 6.6% (see page 4 of the report).

3. The report and statistics are not confined to  ‘dole’ benefits’ and instead also cover Disability Living Allowance, Carers Allowance, Bereaved (widow’s benefit), Pension Credit, and others, so that yet further lowers the figure for so called ‘dole claims’.

4. The report shows that there’s a staggering LOW Fraud for benefit claims by ‘foreign nationals’ (p.11) in the region of around 2%.

5. Non- EEA migrants are not generally entitled to ANY non-contribution based benefits, and Brits in the EU have reciprocal entitlements to benefit claims in those countries. Moreover, why shouldn’t migrants who’ve worked and contributed to the UK through taxation on their income be it as salaried or self employed people, claim benefits when they fall upon hard time just like anyone else?

6. Statistics from various research reports tend to show that migrants are NET CONTRIBUTORS to the PUBLIC PURSE

7. More generally migrants also bring in a load of other benefits to the UK including the relocation of large companies. Indeed the Migration Advisory Committee previously found extensive evidence from Japanese companies such as Hitachi, Honda and Mitsubishi, that if these companies were prevented from recruiting workers from Japan, they would have to scale back their UK operations significantly. On average, for every one Japanese national, these companies employ 73 UK residents.

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5 responses to “370,000 migrants on the dole. Really?

  • Chris Mead

    This is a great breakdown of the report. I’m consistently impressed by your timeliness to debunk misleading articles.

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  • Lionel Barnes

    It is sad that the “Free Press” feel the need to distort the facts. It occurs to me that “Free Press” is an imaginary institution. The Daily Mail, Telegraph, Sky News (surprisingly) all seem to report articles in a way that are far from the truth when it comes to immigration. They only raise issues for the supposed majority and refuse to acknowledge people on the other side of the proverbial coin. Just as the government are unwilling to take a compassionate approach and force husband and wife to live apart. This is not a free press but a press that is run by avid supporters of the government and seem to be covert racists. Just as this government breaches the rights of British citizens and implement racist policies these papers re-enforce a distorted and questionable interpretation of the facts on those readers who wish to act like sheep and follow the opinions of idiots.

  • Joan Weir

    Thanks so much for the facts. As the last post says racism is alive and artificially well, supported by some of the media, in spite of some euphoria over the Stephen Lawrence verdict. In Scotland there are at least 3 similar cases of murder, one of them only 18 months ago, that are being referred to the senior Scottish law officers with requests for review under the Double Jeopardy Act.

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