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Nick Clegg – you’ve got mail.

Theresa May obviously thinks Nick Clegg needs persuading – or at least is persuadable. In her ‘leaked’ letter to him about the coming Immigration Rule changes to be laid before Parliament in the next few months, she seeks to persuade Mr Clegg of the wisdom of choosing upper figure for maintenance thresholds for spouses/partners outlined by MAC in their snappily entitled report Review of the minimum income requirement for sponsorship under the family migration route.

We’ve briefed and blogged about this before and we’re hoping that Mr Clegg has been following what we’ve been saying, but in case he hasn’t we popped a letter (see below) in the post to him last week. Continue reading

Abubakar v SSHD

Abubakar v Entry Clearance Officer (Sannaa) [2012] EWCA Civ 377 (28 March 2012 – read the judgment here


This case before the Court of Appeal  dealt with the interpretation of  rule 317 (iva) of the Immigration Rules (HC 395) post Mahad. Rule 317 (iva) applies to parents, grandparents and other dependant relatives seeking indefinite leave to enter or remain in the UK. It  stipulates that applicants and any dependants are adequately maintained without recourse to public funds. Continue reading

Helpline for Irregular Migrants launching this month

JCWI is delighted to announce the opening of a new advice line – for undocumented migrants in London.

Undocumented migrants do not fall into any of the UK’s legal immigration categories. This includes migrants who entered the country through an irregular channel or do not possess valid documents, migrants who have overstayed their visas, migrants with rejected asylum applications or cases where refugee status was revoked. Continue reading

Dean Atta: Two Tongues are Better Than One

Dean Atta has recently gone viral online with his poem “I am Nobody’s Nigger” which was written and recorded in the light of the convictions of two of Stephen Lawrence’s murderers and is a tremendous response to the attempted appropriation of the offensive word in certain areas of today’s black youth culture. He wrote a poem about language and immigration from his own personal experience. We thought you might like to hear it, Dean is soemone we’d like to promte and gain a wider audience for. Migrant voices (even second generation ones) are what makes the UK such an amazing place to live in. As always with our guest bloggers, the views below are those of the author. Continue reading

Bangladesh High Commission hosts International Migrants Day event

Habib Rahman, Chief Exec of JCWI recently spoke at the Bangladesh High Commission in London.

I was invited by the Bangladesh High Commission, London, to speak at a meeting celebrating International Migrants Day.  It was encouraging to participate in an event hosted by a foreign embassy in London marking International Migrants Day. I had previously Continue reading

Chapti & Ors v SSHD – pre-entry language test judgment






R (on the application of Chapti & Ors) v SSHD – interventions by JCWI and Liberty CO/1183/11435/1141/2010  


This was a challenge in the High Court before Mr Justice Beaston to the legality of amended paragraph 281 of the Immigration Rules which came into effect on 29.11.11.

As amended, paragraph 281 requires spouses and partners of British citizens/persons settled/being admitted for settlement in the UK, to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of English language (at A1 standard of the Common European Framework). Applicants are required to do this through providing formal documentation in the form of language test certificates from approved providers that verify their speaking and linguistic capacities at the requisite level. Continue reading

Irregular Migrants & Families in Europe

Habib Rahman, Chief Executive of JCWI recently participated in a European Workshop on undocumented migrants and families. Here are his reflections.

I participated in a working group meeting at Brussels organised by the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM). PICUM had embarked upon hosting such working groups meetings on key thematic issues relating to irregular migrants: namely, access to health care, fair working conditions, the situation of families and children and specific problems of women. Continue reading

Young bear brunt of migration policies

As the Coalition Government continues in its reckless pursuit of cutting immigration, young people are getting a disproportionately raw deal from the policy twists and turns emanating from the Home Office. In the past few weeks we have witnessed the collapse of the curb on young married couples obtaining visas to live in the UK, but that has been the only bright star in a dark and gloomy sky. Continue reading

Why pushing up maintenance requirements would be a bad idea

We thought up a few ideas over breakfast as to why the Government should not follow MAC’s recommendations  (made of course on the basis of the Government’s instructions to it rather than its own capacity).

You can contact your MP if you like to voice your thoughts about the possibilitiy of increases in the amounts of money you’d need to have to sponsor family members given that the Government will be considering the report in the context of its reforms to family migration. Continue reading

Worrying times ahead for family members

MAC has issued its recommendations for revised maintenance levels for sponsoring family members which should be cause for extreme concern amongst campaigners and human rights activists.

MAC’s task

MAC was basically tasked with calculating the income needed to support family without ‘becoming a burden on the state’ ( it is worth clarifying of course to lay readers Continue reading

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