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MAC reports on settlement and restrictions on workers from Bulgaria and Romania

The Migration Advisory Commitee has today published a couple of reports today which contain recommendations for settlement, and a review of restrictions on access to the labour market for Bulgarian and Romanian workers.  Whilst these are just recommendations, governments almost always follow them. Continue reading

Further changes afoot…

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) today published its report on the limits for tiers 1 and 2 of the Points Based System.

MAC’s report however consists of a lot more than just recommendations for the limits for 2011-2012. Instead it goes on to dish up proposals for reforming tiers 1 and 2 of the PBS with a view to meeting those limits. It also of course represents a welcome addition to the existing literature on the impacts of immigration on the UK.

MAC’s recommendations are based on the Government’s objective of reducing overall net migration to an annual level of tens of thousands by the end of the Parliament. As such they have been tasked with finding a way to do this. The Financial Times reports that the Cabinet is due to meet next week with a view to deciding upon these.

Continue reading

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