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UKBA Rumpus

Post written by Josh Reid, JCWI Communications Dept.

This week the UK Border Agency has come back under fresh scrutiny, after an official inquiry report condemned the border force for “poor communication, poor managerial hindsight and a lack of clarity about roles and responsibilities”.

Home Secretary Theresa May resorted to the dramatic response by announcing plans to split UKBA into two, Continue reading

Not So Fast Track

The UKBA’s Chief Inspector has issued his latest report Asylum: a thematic inspection of the Detained Fast Track. The report looks at the operation of the Detained Fast track Scheme (DFT). Continue reading

UKBA land another worrying report

Post by Josh Reid. Josh is currently an intern  with JCWI in the communications department

A recent report by the Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency (UKBA) into entry clearance decision-making was published on the 19th December, and is available, along with UKBA’s response, on the website. Continue reading

UKBA Mismanages Foreign National Prisoners

The Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency has issued his most recent thematic report on the UK Border Agency’s management of foreign national prisoners.

Key points

Key points of interest to JCWI revolve around the poor level of decision making by UKBA both in relation to deportation and detention. The consequences arising from this are that people are subject to deportation action, or even detained, in circumstances in which they shouldn’t be.  The report in particular notes: Continue reading

Heathrow Holding Facility – banging reports against a brick wall

The Independent Monitoring Board has published its report on the welfare of detainees held at Heathrow’s non-residential short-term holding facilities over the year to January 2011. During the period covered by the report, the facilities were run by private company G4S.

The report expresses exasperation over the failure to make changes recommended in previous reports – ‘Yet again we draw attention to the fact that men, women and children continue to be detained in unsuitable conditions’ (p. 10). The ‘regrettably degrading features’ still in evidence include a lack of proper sleeping and washing facilities, poor ventilation and temperature control, and the presence in one facility of strip lighting that cannot be dimmed at night (p. 4). The report remarks that poor conditions might perhaps be ‘tolerable’ if holding times were ‘very short’, but they are not (p. 10). Continue reading

UKBA’s short term holding facilities – an inspector reports

Eaton House short term holding facility, Hounslow, West London

In January, HM Inspectorate of Prisons published a review of conditions in UKBA short-term holding facilities (STHFs) between 2004 and 2010. These facilities usually hold people who are awaiting deportation or being investigated by immigration officers following arrival.

Drawing on 81 reports published over the six-year period, the Inspectorate notes a general improvement in the physical environment of STHFs and the management and care of detainees (p. 6).  Continue reading

Report on Work of UKBA Reveals Much to Worry About

The Home Affairs Committee published its report The Work of the UK Border Agency yesterday. In a nutshell the report:

expresses in the context of ‘austerity’ concerns about the £208,000 salary (exclusive of bonuses) paid to the outgoing head of the UK Border Agency. The evidence also draws out that there has been a significant increase in the extent to which UKBA costs are met by immigrants – a third of the costs are now met by immigrants, primarily through increased immigration fees. This contrasts to one tenth in the past; Continue reading

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