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The asylum seekers and migrants who were left to die…

The report by the Council of Europe’s Special Rapporteur Lives lost in the Mediterranean Sea: who is responsible? Is now available to download from the COE website.

1500 migrant deaths in 2011

The report starts by noting that a shocking 1500 migrants are known to have lost their lives crossing the Mediterranean in 2011 alone, but focuses on the tragic event in March 2011 which led to the death of 63 out of the 72 migrant passengers.  In summary, a ship left Tripoli in Libya, it was at sea for 2 weeks during which no one came to the aid of the boat despite the logging of a distress call, and despite coming into  contact with other vessels. It drifted back to Libya with only 9 survivors on board. Continue reading

UKBA Rumpus

Post written by Josh Reid, JCWI Communications Dept.

This week the UK Border Agency has come back under fresh scrutiny, after an official inquiry report condemned the border force for “poor communication, poor managerial hindsight and a lack of clarity about roles and responsibilities”.

Home Secretary Theresa May resorted to the dramatic response by announcing plans to split UKBA into two, Continue reading

Not So Fast Track

The UKBA’s Chief Inspector has issued his latest report Asylum: a thematic inspection of the Detained Fast Track. The report looks at the operation of the Detained Fast track Scheme (DFT). Continue reading

Exploding myths – the link between youth unemployment and immigration

This week’s report by the Commission on Youth Unemployment revealed some extremely worrying stuff about youth unemployment in the UK –   over 1 in 5 of all young people are neither in training, education or employment (NEET), and youth unemployment is at its highest for two decades. The Commision’s report, chaired by David Miliband, received Continue reading

Damian Green Speaks! Nothing Said!

Green realises he has nothing to say.

It must be a pretty frustrating job being immigration minister. You get to call yourself a minister, you might get a couple of rides in the Home Sec’s limo, but you don’t get to announce new exciting stuff. That bit is saved for the Home Secretary herself. Continue reading

A tale of three reports: Unemployment and Immigration

This week is the tale of three reports of varying quality, all aimed at establishing whether or not there is a link between unemployment and immigration. Continue reading

UKBA land another worrying report

Post by Josh Reid. Josh is currently an intern  with JCWI in the communications department

A recent report by the Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency (UKBA) into entry clearance decision-making was published on the 19th December, and is available, along with UKBA’s response, on the website. Continue reading

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